Our excellent partnership with Embo Community Church (ECC) entered its 10thyear.  In 2018, MAI supported Community Caregivers to provide home-based care to patients living with HIV as well as covering the costs of maintenance, security, TB nurse and patient transportat ECC’s Primary Healthcare Clinic.  The clinic’s nursing staff, medicines and consumables are all funded by the local Health Authority.  We are working with ECC to establish local revenue streams that can support the work long term.    

2018 achievements:

-Started TB patient care through supporting the position of a part-time TB nurse. Although, the KwaZulu Natal Health Authority had verbally committed to fund TB patient care running costs they have since stated that funding restraints currently prevents them doing so.

-In 2018, the Community Caregivers provided nursing care and support for 127 patients and their families.  During the year, 74 (58%) clients have been discharged, no longer needing the care and support from caregivers.  The clinic supported over 400 PLHIV patients a month with health check-ups, counselling and treatment.

-In 2018, the clinic managed 25,023 appointments including the pharmacy from approximately 15,000 patients, including 2,188 child health appointments for under-fives and 485 appointments for TB patients.