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Challenge 20

Join us in celebrating our 20th year of  bringing health and hope to some of the the world’s poorest places by organising a Challenge 20 Sponsored or Fundraising Event in 2023.

We are inviting you and your family, friends, colleagues and church members to dare to believe that together we can raise a total of £100,000 from all our Challenge 20 fundraising activities.

The money you raise will save lives and improve the health of people in desperate need, through MAI’s trusted partners, who are providing very poor communities with quality, affordable healthcare in Chad, South Sudan, India and South Africa.

So, dare to challenge yourself (whatever a challenge is for you), or organise a fundraising event with others.

Fundraising ideas for Challenge 20

Challenge yourself

Set yourself a physical challenge and ask friends to join or support you.  You could do a sponsored walk, run, cycle, swim or paddle board for a distance which is a challenge to you, ideally ‘20’ something. Alternatively, you could organise a sporting tournament and charge people to enter.

Sponsored cycle ride
Sponsored cycle ride
Sponsored run for Challenge 20
Sponsored run
Sponsored paddle board
Sponsored paddle board

Organise a social event

Have fun with friends, family, work colleagues or church members and organise a fundraising social event. You could bake and sell 20 cakes; host a breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, BBQ, dinner party, or movie night and charge people to come.

Bake cakes for your Challenge 20 event, raising money to treat critically ill people in desperate need
Bake and sell 20 cakes
Host a dinner party
Host a dinner party
Host a movie night*
Host a movie night*

Organise a musical event

Entertain others by galvanising your local talent – aspiring musicians, singers, dancers and actors to perform voluntarily at a ticketed event at your church or another venue.

Host a choral concert at your church or a local venue
Host a choral concert at your church or a local venue
Host a music concert
Host a music concert
Organise a fundraising Challenge 20 event at your church
Hold a worship, prayer or music event at your church

Do your own thing

Or you could do something of your own choosing. Register and receive your  Challenge 20 MAI Fundraising Pack for more ideas and guidance. The possibilities are endless…

So are you up for the challenge?  If so, get planning now!

First, register your Challenge 20 sponsored or fundraising event by emailing [email protected]. You will then receive your Fundraising Pack with top tips, fundraising & publicity ideas, event organiser’s check list, helpful guidelines and much more.

The difference your Challenge 20 Fundraising Event could make

Here are just a few examples of how the money you raise through a Challenge 20 sponsored or fundraising event could be used to save and improve lives:

Mum and baby at Guinebor II Hospital in Chad

Provide life-saving nutrition for children in Chad by supporting Guinebor II Hospital as they deliver a programme of Affordable Care for Pregnant Mothers & Malnourished Children

p5 South Africa patient vehicle

Bring a life line of support for patients with HIV, TB and chronic diseases through supporting Community Caregivers at Embo Primary Health Clinic, in a very poor community in South Africa

Save lives for years to come in India by helping Chinchpada Christian Hospital (CCH) raise funds to build a modernised and larger Intensive Care Unit to save the lives of even more critically ill patients in a very deprived area

Ranjana was pregnant and in a critical condition

Provide vital healthcare at Martha Primary Health Centre for desperately poor people in Yei, South Sudan

P5 South Sudan IMG_20210716_095452

Pay in your fundraising money

Thank you so much for organising your Challenge 20 Fundraising Event and deciding to raise vital funds for MAI to ‘Bring Health and Hope’ to those of greatest need in Chad, South Sudan, India and South Africa.

Your efforts and funds raised will be invaluable and greatly appreciated by our trusted health partners as they work selflessly and tirelessly in challenging contexts daily, to save and improve the lives of poor and vulnerable people in desperate circumstances. Providing vital healthcare in Secondary Care Hospitals, Primary Health Clinics and in their Communities.

It’s easy to pay MAI your fundraised money:

Paying by post: please send your Challenge 20 cheque (made payable to Medic Assist International) and post to:
MAI, PO Box 1626, Oxford, OX4 9NF.

Paying manually into a Bank (cash or cheque):
Account Name: Medic Assist International
Account No: 00018761
Sort Code: 40-52-40
Please use ref: MAI C20

Paying online: please click the green button below and make the single payment.

Thank you and congratulations on completing your Challenge 20 Fundraising Event!

Tell us about your event

We would love to hear about what you are planning to do for Challenge 20 so we can share your sponsored challenge or fundraising event, and celebrate your success with other MAI Supporters. You can find out how to do this when you register and receive your Challenge 20 Fundraising Pack, by emailing: [email protected]


Joanna’s Challenge 20 Sponsored Event – a 7 day solo trek across the Lake District

MAI’s Fundraising Manager plans to trek solo across the Lake District (west to east) in 6-7 days during July 2023. She will have no GPS, just a compass and 4 good old fashioned OS maps! So, if you are unable to organise a Challenge 20 event, but would like to sponsor Joanna, please email: [email protected]

*Image from Freepik 

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