‘Thank you a lot for changing me for better’

Tila only discovered that she had HIV when her baby died immediately after birth.

The virus had been transmitted by her husband. He died just five months later, leaving her grieving, destitute and facing discrimination from those closest to her.

For years she struggled with her health, employment and fears for the future.

But she’s since received help to understand and manage her condition, to secure an income and to know she’s not alone.

Today she works as a counsellor, supporting other people living with HIV as part of our Nepalese partner’s community home-based care programme. She says,

I’ve been working with the caregiver team and serving friends like me. I am strong enough to work in hospital follow-up and counselling. I have got many trainings which helped me to be physically, socially and mentally strong. 

Nowadays, my neighbours don’t discriminate against me. I want to thank you a lot for changing me for better.’

Last year, Tila and the rest of the team helped 113 people living with HIV through home visits and hospital follow-up.

Thirty-seven received support to start small businesses to generate an income for themselves and their families.

The team also trained 53 peer educators to share the facts about HIV with those most at risk of contracting it. People learned about prevention, life skills and ways to stay healthy.

Your support has helped Tila and many others like her to overcome the challenge and stigma of living with HIV – and to flourish. Thank you.   

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