A visit from Priscilla changed everything

Musa was already HIV-positive when he was born in Embo, South Africa 22 years ago. Both of his parents died when he was a boy, and his grandmother took over his care. But then she contracted TB – and Musa had to drop out of school to look after her. A while later, Musa caught TB, too.

They relied heavily on Musa’s older brother, who was the family breadwinner. But when he died of AIDS, Musa was left grieving, isolated, ill and desperately poor.  He wanted to give up on life, and lay on his bed waiting to die.

That’s when MAI-supported community caregiver, Priscilla, stepped in.

A neighbour told her about Musa and his grandmother. On her first visit Priscilla found Musa bedridden and extremely unwell. Her immediate response was to call for transport to take him to hospital for much-needed treatment, and then to care for his grandmother while he was an in-patient. Musa now credits her with saving his life.

Once Musa was discharged from hospital, Priscilla continued to visit, helping with medication and practical care and encouraging both Musa and his grandmother, whose health was also steadily improving from her care and kindness. She also asked her friends in the local community to put together food parcels for the family.

Priscilla, who Musa calls ‘An angel sent by God’

But Priscilla didn’t just help Musa and his grandmother to feel physically and emotionally better.

Over the course of her regular visits, she also shared the motivation behind her committed and compassionate care – the hope she has found in Jesus. Now Musa and his grandmother have become members of their local church.

And it’s not just Musa. Over 30 of the patients Priscilla has cared for over the last two years have since found faith in the God she loves.

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