People living with HIV Self-Help Groups in Nepal provide valuable peer support to members. They encourage one another  to adhere to treatment, and support each other on hospital visits or when they fall sick.  Monthly meetings are a safe place for them, where they can be themselves, and do not need to hide their HIV status.    The group receives training on managing micro savings and loans, entrepreneurship and how to become a sustainable community organisation.  Our partner helps the group to work with local government, including accessing funding.

‘I used to feel I was going to die soon but since being in the group my desire to live has increased, and I believe I will live’.

‘It feels very different when with the group, like I’m in a different world. It is very pleasant being together.’  

‘I feel good in the group, to be able to share my feelings and learn from others’

‘My family did not treat me well. Members of the group went to my family and convinced them I was not infectious and I would live. My family now treat me better’

‘In an emergency, when we fall sick and go to hospital we support each other, financially and spiritually’

‘I was stopping treatment, it made me feel sick, members of the group encouraged me to continue, the feeling sick passes’

‘The group gave me a small loan, a person like me with HIV cannot get loans’