Taking patients to hospital on time and in style!

Embo Clinic’s efficient new vehicle is already proving invaluable taking patients to vital clinic and hospital appointments quickly and comfortably.



Nursing manager Sister Chauka reports that the vehicle is making a real difference.

It’s playing an essential role, she says, in ‘carrying people that are physically very weak’  and delivering food parcels to destitute TB and HIV patients.



MAI always encourages sustainability in the projects we support. Knowing food parcels would be needed long after appeal donations had run out, we encouraged Pastor Leonard and his church board to think of creative ways to raise funds locally. With seed funding from Covid-19 appeal gifts, they set up a small project selling end-of-line clothes at very low prices.

The profits are now going to pay for food parcels.



Pastor Leonard writes,

We are thankful for MAI who motivated us to come up with plans to raise money locally and find ideas to sustain the food parcel project. We were so encouraged that we managed to distribute 144 food parcels last month through the sale of clothing.

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