I would have died

Themba knows he’s alive today because of the quick actions of Embo Clinic’s Community Caregiver Metrina.

Metrina, community care giver at Embo Clinic

Metrina recalls what happened:

‘His wife called me saying Themba was struggling to breathe and was worried because he is on HIV treatment. I immediately went there and gave him first aid.

‘I phoned the driver, and we rushed him to the clinic.’ Embo Clinic then referred Themba to hospital for life-saving lung surgery.


Themba is now back home, fully recovered. Crisis over, Metrina continues to lovingly help the family who are incredibly poor.

She’s organising food parcels, so Themba is eating enough to be able to fight infections and better tolerate his HIV antiretroviral medicines.

Metrina is helping them to start a kitchen garden so the family can grow their own nutritious vegetables.


Thanks to her dedicated work as a community caregiver, Metrina is making life more hopeful for Themba and his family.

And thanks to the generous giving of MAI supporters, Metrina and other community caregivers will continue to be a blessing to other struggling families in Embo.


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