I have seen my child improve a lot

I have seen my child improve a lot

Life has significantly improved for 4-year-old Amina since her mother Fatima started bringing her to the new Child Development Centre at Guinebor II.

When, at 7 months old, Amina was not sitting up as she should, Fatima was naturally concerned. Fatima took her daughter to a specialist in N’Djamena, but after a year of them just massaging Amina’s limbs, there was no improvement. Amina was also hardly eating at all.

It was then that Fatima brought Amina to the Child Development Centre at Guinebor II, which provides integrated therapy treatment for children with disabilities. Each session is subsidised by MAI supporters, so the poorest families can afford it. 

Doctors have diagnosed Amina with Cerebral Palsy. She has had physiotherapy sessions at Guinebor II to massage and stretch her muscles, which has led to her being able to move more. Amina cannot talk too, so a music therapist at the centre uses play and speech therapy tools, sign language and visual choices to help her learn how to communicate the best that she can.

Fatima has seen a tremendous change in Amina since they started coming to the Child Development Centre, which has given her hope. “I have seen my child improve a lot,” she says. “Her general state is much better, and she eats better. Before she could not straighten her legs, now she can. 

“Amina is more responsive, smiling and laughing. The advice I get here about physical exercises, how to play and communicate with her I share with my family, so we are all helping her.”

There has been a 60% increase in children using the Child Development Centre. As word gets out, more children will attend this special place, the only clinic of its kind in Chad.


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