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Today is World Tuberculosis Day.

TB may sound like a thing of the past. But it is one of the biggest challenges facing the global community today.

Around the world, TB kills over 4,100 people every day, 700 of them children. That’s three people every minute. 

Most deaths could be prevented with early diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

Over 95% of TB cases and deaths are in developing countries where many people don’t live within walking distance of a healthcare facility. Access is made even harder by poverty, conflict, and the stigma of seeking TB treatment in areas closely associated with HIV infection.

As we continue to fight to end the Covid pandemic we cannot forget epidemics like TB which have been taking their toll on people’s lives around the world for generations.

Please take a moment today to remember the many millions who are impacted by the world’s most deadly infectious disease, TB. In particular, think about those being cared for and treated by our partners in TB endemic areas in India and South Africa.

Please know that the treatment and care which they provide and you support saves lives every month. Thank you.

This beautiful family returned to OPD after travelling many hours, for their next set of TB drugs. The mother was near death, having gone from pillar to post before she was diagnosed with TB here a couple of months ago. Such a joy to be able to serve special people like them.’
Dr Ashita Singh,
Chinchpada Christian Hospital
Ashmita, Khushi & Amrita
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Infographic: Stop TB partnership

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