Our Solution

We find and support local partners motivated by their Christian faith to develop sustainable healthcare in highly vulnerable, marginalised communities.

This looks different in different places, as our partners respond to the specific needs of the people they serve.

All we do is shaped and driven by the fact that we:

  • are moved and compelled by God’s love, and are committed to demonstrating that love in action.
  • are appalled at the brokenness of humanity, and committed to seeing the most vulnerable people given access to the healthcare they need.
  • are inspired by the sacrificial dedication and compassion of our partners, and committed to a shared vision for change and desire to learn and adapt.
  • value every penny and minute of time given to us, and are committed to the most effective use of these resources.

That’s why we intentionally select partners that we believe can become self-sustaining in the long term. We then provide expertise and support, funding and short-term volunteers at our partners’ request.

Our partners in turn all seek to provide care that is:

  • free or low-cost for the poorest
  • high quality
  • provided to local people by local people
  • sustainable, or working towards sustainability
  • available to people of all faiths and none, regardless of race, age, class or creed

Examples of this in care in action include:

  • India: Giving compassionate end-of-life care so people live their last days free from pain and fear
  • South Sudan: Restoring sight to visually impaired people through laser cataract surgery
  • Nepal: Getting vital public health messages out so people with HIV can live well, free from stigma and shame
  • South Africa: Helping people with TB and HIV get the medication and support they need to rebuild their lives.

In 2019, we gave health and social care to over 5000 people and reached 10,200 people with vital healthcare messages.

It’s simple – care like this changes lives.

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