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Poverty and instability have left many living on the edge.

In these challenging times, our partners are responding with outstanding courage and commitment to provide quality healthcare and support to people with disability or life-limiting illness.

We are partnering with Chinchpada Christian Hospital (CCH) in Maharashtra, in India to help reduce the number of people who are unable to get medical help due to their low-caste status. Our aim is to double the funds gathered through Twice Gold 2021 Annual Appeal and help more affected people like Lalita.

Double your impact in October with Twice Gold

Only in October every £1 you give becomes £2 until the pledge fund total has been matched.

Your donation will be matched by our appeal patrons – making a difference to twice as many people in the toughest times.

Donate to People With Disability in India

“Lalita was 14 when muscular dystrophy left her unable to walk. Her low-caste family are poor, and she’s vulnerable and alone when they work in the field each day. 

When the CCH team visited recently they asked about the high step in Lalita’s doorway. It was to stop venomous snakes slithering in, she explained.

Determined to help, they championed her through assessments with dismissive government hospital doctors until she got her disability certificate.

Lalita has seen her life transformed by the team’s actions and the 600 rupees she now gets in disability benefits each month.”

Chinchpada Christian Hospital (CCH) shows extraordinary compassion to people with disability and life-limiting illness.

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