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Poverty and instability have left many living on the edge.

In these challenging times, our partners are responding with outstanding courage and commitment to provide quality healthcare and support to babies and toddlers in Chad.


Right now, almost 1.8 million children under 5 years are suffering from acute malnutrition in Chad, including 500.000 who are severely malnourished.

We are working to reverse this trend by partnering with the Guinebor II Hospital, just outside the capital N’Djamena, in Chad. Our aim is to double the funds gathered through Twice Gold 2021 Annual Appeal and help more malnourished children like Zarah.

Double your impact in October with Twice Gold

Only in October every £1 you give becomes £2 until the pledge fund total has been matched.

Your donation will be matched by our appeal patrons – making a difference to twice as many children in the toughest times.

Donate to malnourished children in Chad

“On her first visit to hospital, 12-month-old Zarah sat listless in her mother’s arms with pneumonia and possible malaria. A ‘red’ result from her brachial perimeter measurement showed severe acute malnutrition. Many children who reach this stage don’t survive, but the hospital team knew exactly what to do. They gave her treatment for pneumonia and malaria, and therapeutic milk.

With this expert care, Zarah’s symptoms improved and she put on weight. Each time she was weighted she would protest a little more – an encouraging sign!

The team say: seeing the improvement in Zarah was fantastic. But equally fantastic was the change in her mum. She’d been quiet at first, but by the time her daughter was discharged, she was sharing jokes and talking to others on the ward. Her confidence increased. We pray she’ll stay engaged and share her experience to encourage other mums to seek help for their children.

Guinebor II Hospital gives extraordinary care to mothers and babies.

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Donate to malnourished children in Chad
Page 4- 5 Severely malnourshied Zarah being fed life-saving theruptic food by her mother