Chad hospital appeal

Chad hospital appeal

Hundreds of people arrive at Guinebor 2 Hospital in Chad every month, hoping that someone can help them.

Sometimes there are simply too many people and not enough beds. And a doctor has to do something they never want to do.
They have to turn a patient away.

MAI partner Guinebor 2 Hospital is known for the high-quality, affordable care it provides for the people of Chad.

Every year, its reputation grows. And every year, the number of people arriving at its doors grows, too.

As a result, the doctors at Guinebor 2 are increasingly facing the challenge of having no ward bed for the sick patient who’s arrived in the emergency unit.

But they have a plan to ensure they never have to turn someone in need away again.

By giving today, you can help Guinebor 2 Hospital build a new, 18-bed ward so that every person who arrives at the hospital can receive the care they need.

Patients wait for a bed at Guinebor 2 Hospital, Chad
Donate now to help ensure there is space to treat every person who arrives at Guinebor 2 Hospital

The new ward will increase in-patient capacity at the hospital by 40%, significantly enhancing the team’s ability to care for anyone who arrives needing help.

And they need your support to make it happen.

No doctor wants to turn a sick patient away. With your help, the team at Guinebor 2 Hospital won’t ever have to again.

£45 can buy 3 sacks of cement
£90 can buy 600 red bricks

£250 can buy a hospital bed
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Two nurses at Guinebor 2 Hospital, Chad

One doctor at Guinebor 2 Hospital shares how challenging it is to be faced with a sick patient, and have no bed to admit them to.

What do I do? he asks.

“Do I keep them on the floor in the emergency department, do I send them home knowing that I am not able to give them the level of care that they need, or do I search around the wards trying to find someone I can send home so that I can offer them a bed?”

A solution exists. And by supporting MAI’s Chad hospital appeal today, you can be part of it.
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