South Africa – Embo

Embo, KwaZulu Natal

Embo is an “informal settlement” in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. HIV incidence is shockingly high among 15 to 50 year olds. Yet there is no doctor. The Health Authority is overwhelmed.  Indeed, until a local church – with MAI’s help – got stuck in, people with HIV had little by way of help and hope.

Power of God Community Church began a home care giving programme which MAI has been supporting since 2008/9.  Trained local volunteers are now paid a small stipend and are overseen by a qualified nurse with MAI funding for a driver, vehicle and consumables.  In 2015, the Caregivers made over 11,000 visits to patients and their families bringing comfort and hope as well as practical support such as oversight of medication, bed making and advice on hygiene, sexual health and diet.

In 2014, MAI fully funded a Clinic building for Embo which is helping to transform the health outcomes in the valley.  The church is a fully recognised private healthcare provider with the Clinic running costs met be the KwaZulu Health Authority. In 2015, over 20,000 appointments were held including thousands of children who, without the Clinic existing, would never have received life-saving vaccinations.


Two Volunteers report on their visit to Embo

Caroline writes: This man is a 41 year old male patient that the caregiving team currently supports.  He shared some of his story with us and he has a very positive outlook on life that

Embo Extension nears completion

We are very excited!  As the latest image shows, the walls of the TB Clinic extension are up and the roof is on!  Thanks to good weather, things have progressed well and are on track

Extension underway at Embo Clinic

The foundations of a new extension serving TB patients have been laid.  Work will commence shortly on the walls and an order has been placed for the roof.  MAI has been raising funds for this

Embo Partner visits UK in March!

Pastor Leonard Gcabashe who leads the Embo Community Church - our healthcare Partner in KwaZulu Natal - will be in the UK soon - from March 17 to April 2. These are Leonard's confirmed public

Pastor Leonard to visit UK in April

Our dear friend and Partner, Leonard Gcabashe, will be back in the UK in April.  He will report on progress in healthcare provision in the valley of Embo and share the latest developments and opportunities.

Dumisani’s story

HIV/AIDS patients mutual support groups hosted and fostered by our Embo Partner are sometimes challenging to sustain and discouraging when people fail to commit to attending and sharing honestly.  But though slow and difficult, the