Ten volunteers have returned from Embo with MAI’s John Earwicker. Everyone viewed the amazing work done by the Caregivers that MAI fund. The medics on the team worked to train the Caregivers in how to help people with mobility issues, demonstrating the use of slip sheets that we had previously donated and wheelchairs, funded by donations prior to the team’s visit.

The team met a 17 year old boy with cerebral palsy who had outgrown his chair. We had raised enough funds to buy him a specialist wheelchair which has been ordered to fit him exactly. Another girl can receive his reconditioned chair soon. Another man, Robert, was an ex-hospital porter. His eyes danced and he laughed when the team helped him into his new wheelchair. In all the team were able to provide 5 wheelchairs as well as walking frames and adjustable sticks.
Pastor Gcabashe of the church whose team MAI funds said: “the community were so amazed just to see your guys walking around, smiling and talking with people. It is just amazing!”
The new site for the proposed clinic has been levelled now. The team stood on the exact spot where it is to be built and prayed prayers of dedication.
Other team members helped run the crèche, taught in the local school and worked with AIDS orphans.