Please help our partners care for the poorest as coronavirus spreads

Dear friends

As an International Development practitioner I’ve seen some desperate situations over the past 25 years, but nothing compares to the reports our partners are telling us about the impact of the coronavirus.

Because these needs are so urgent and unprecedented, our trustees have taken the decision to launch an emergency appeal. We really hope you can help.

Compassionate healthcare is more essential than ever now that coronavirus is spreading to some of the poorest places in the world. 

The fear and uncertainty many of us are feeling is only too familiar to those who live on the edge every day. Even in ‘normal’ times, the chronically poor don’t have enough to eat, live in cramped conditions, and cannot afford medicine. 

Now, lockdown means any income they had has disappeared overnight.  

Many people in the communities we serve are now feeling deep anguish. Our partners are rising to the challenge by working intensively and sacrificially round the clock to provide healthcare for the most vulnerable.   

But they desperately need our help with funding. 

Your donation today could pay for:

– PPE needed to protect healthcare staff
– food parcels for the most vulnerable 
– healthcare for the poorest families 
– vital coronavirus community awareness raising and prevention

I am aware that money is tight for many. But if you are in a position to support this appeal, please could I ask you to make a donation today.

Together, we can mitigate the impact of the coronavirus on the poorest and on the healthcare staff who serve them.

Thank you.

Steve Travis
Executive Director