Sister Joyce Mhkize tells us of one of their proudest achievements.

The client I am writing about is 100% well. She is one of our clients that we are proud of in terms of her well-being.
Mamlungiswa is 63. When one of the project Caregivers first attended her, she was very ill, very angry and living in denial that she might be suffering with HIV. After counselling, she agreed to be tested; she was HIV positive, her CD4 count was below 20 and she had to be hospitalised immediately. There she was found to have TB also. After receiving lengthy treatment she was released home.
Now, she has continued her treatment, helped by her Caregiver, and has become an outspoken counsellor, teaching the community about HIV/Aids. And one of her children serves as a Caregiver with us now!

During March, Mamlungiswa was just one of more than 130 clients who received an average of nearly 10 visits in the month. Unconditional love and practical support is making a difference!