Audiences from 1 to 300 listened to Pastor Gcabashe with rapt attention as he shared the vision of his church to provide a clinic at the heart of his community in KwaZulu Natal. Although his accident en route to the airport delayed his arrival, he was in good form once he landed in the UK.
In the first week, John Earwicker continued with the tour, even if his Zulu was not up to scratch! The images and video of the project excited many who responded generously to the appeal for financial support. Monies are still coming in but to date £13,000 of the £22,000 still needed has been given.
Besides his previously known taste for ice cream, hot chocolate emerged as a favourite drink for Leonard on the tour! Covering 1,300 miles and recovering from whiplash injury, he wished to thank MAI supporters. Leonard writes: “Words can not express my gratitude for your contributions towards our Clinic project. We really value your donations and they have gone a long way to fulfilling our vision which God gave us for our underprivileged village. We can at least now see a star that is leading us to our journey. Again, may God bless you.”