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Pastor Leonard Gcabashe concluded a full UK tour at the close of April.  He expressed his gratitude for the prayer support and interest in the new challenge faced by Embo Community Church, namely extending the Clinic to enable maternity services to be provided.  Further research will be undertaken and more discussions with the Health Authority concluded on his return to KwaZulu Natal this month.



Meanwhile, the tour reported on the wonderful way in which the Clinic is enhancing the health of the community.  In March 2016, 2,429 treatments were completed!  The 12 month analysis shown above of treatments at and through the Clinic was an encouraging highlight of the tour.  It is a matter of celebration that the Clinic is increasingly welcoming patients and now undertakes two open air clinics each week!

Finally, Pastor Leonard spoke of more planning to be undertaken on his return.  A business plan is being created to enable the church to move towards self-sufficiency for the Caregivng programme.  The main thrust is investigating the possibility of fish farming; this could provide employment and generate income.