Andy, Ken, Martin and Steve and last minute friends completed their 100 mile bike ride on Saturday 20th June to raise funds for a new Clinic in Romogi, South Sudan.  You can still sponsor them at

The route was mostly within Oxfordshire and approximated the outline map of Africa!  They left Abingdon just after 8 o’clock and arrived back – through torrential rain – in time for tea!

The goal is to raise £5,000 towards the cost of rebuilding a Primary Health Care Clinic (PHCC) in the Diocese of Kajo-Keji.  The previous Clinic was destroyed during the civil war some years back and needs to be replaced.  The need in South Sudan – the world’s newest nation – is enormous.  It is reported that one in every seven women will die of a pregnancy related problem.  Maternal mortality is the worst in the world and infant mortality not far behind.

Ken (perhaps the least experienced of the team) writes:

These legs weren’t made for cycling
But that’s what they’re gonna do
Cycle 100 miles ’round Oxfordshire
So I’m looking for sponsorship from you!