When the MAI Volunteer Team visited Embo in July 2013, they were taken to see a 17 year old boy with cerebral palsy called Sibonelo. Even though his development was retarded and he looked more like 10, he was in a buggy that was much too small for him. Sue, the retired occupational therapist and Pat, the palliative care nurse on the team made some adjustments to his chair but were convinced that we should use some of the funds that the team had raised for mobility aids to buy Sibonelo the kind of chair that was ideal for his needs and size. They measured him and agreed that a specialist child positioning wheelchair would need to be ordered.

The family was thrilled but, after a long wait, were becoming discouraged. Sibonelo’s mother has work as a domestic in neighbouring Hillcrest, so from early morning, Sibonelo is cared for by his granny. Last week, at last, the chair was delivered and mother and granny are so happy! Sibonelo can be comfortable at long last!