Help Chinchpada Christian hospital save more lives

Chinchpada Christian Hospital (CCH) provides affordable quality care in one of the poorest districts in India.

Your gift will help build an urgently needed ICU and new General Medical Ward, improving care and ensuring no one is turned away as more and more come to be treated.

Beautiful three-year-old Khushi was unconscious and gasping for breath when her extremely poor grandparents brought her into CCH’s emergency room.

Within minutes of her arrival, Khushi was intubated and connected to a ventilator in the Intensive Care Unit.

The well-trained doctors saw flaky skin on Khushi’s ear leading to a diagnosis of Scrub Typhus, a deadly disease which her local hospital had not identified. By the time she came to CCH she had developed multiple organ dysfunction.

The experienced CCH medical team were able to treat Khushi just in time and save her life.

Like Khushi, at CCH every patient is precious and infinitely valuable. Together with their team, Drs Ashita and Deepak Singh have made CCH a beacon of excellent medicine delivered with incredible compassion.

But this wonderful hospital could have a difficult future without your help. More and more people are coming to CCH to be treated. Some are travelling as far as 180 miles for the affordable care the hospital is increasingly known for.

CCH vitally needs a new Intensive Care Unit and General Medical Ward to cope with the ever-increasing demand. 

The current ICU saves many lives but is too cramped, too full, and sometimes they have to put more than one patient on a ventilator. The General Medical Ward, dating back to the 1940s, was so unstable there was no choice but to demolish it and make space for it to be rebuilt.

Work is already underway on the new wards, but it could be significantly delayed. High inflation on building costs plus an improved design means more funds are urgently needed to keep construction going.

Together we need to raise: £37,000 to finish the building work and £23,000 to install an air handling unit to prevent unnecessary infections spreading through the wards.

Please help Drs Ashita and Deepak overcome this funding gap. It would be heart breaking for the under-pressure staff treating an ever-increasing number of patients if these two wards can’t be opened soon.

‘We believe that every human being deserves quality medical care – and that the poor of this Indian district are just as worthy of life-saving care as any of us. That’s why we are unapologetic in asking: Will you give today? Will you help us to enlarge our tent and extend our boundaries to reach even more people? ‘ (Drs Ashita & Deepak Singh)

When you give, you won’t just be helping our passionate team of doctors, surgeons, anaesthetists, nurses, and support staff. You will be helping people like little Khushi.

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