Romogi PHCC - Roofed

The picture above shows the completed roof at the Primary Health Care Clinic in Romogi.  MAI is enabling the Anglican Diocese of Kajo-Keji to create this new facility.  A British engineer working with CMS has already undertaken an inspection and MAI Board member, nurse Poppy Spens, is visiting the site this month.  Funds for the build cost are almost complete.  Now it remains to raise the funds for the solar power, water storage, equipment and furniture.

To this end, Bishop Anthony Poggo will be in the UK this month.  His itinerary is as follows:

Thursday 12 May: 18.30: Youth meeting, Christ Church, Abingdon

Friday 13 May: CMS Ireland staff followed by 19.30 public meeting at CMS Ireland, Belfast

Saturday 14 May: private meeting

Sunday 15 May: 9.30 St Martin’s, Bladon; 11.00 St Mary Magdalene, Woodstock; 18.00 St Andrew’s, Oxford

Monday 16 May: All Nations College, Ware; student event followed by 19.00 public meeting

Tuesday 17 May: rest and private meeting

Wednesday 18 May: private meeting followed by 19.00 Maxwell Mearns Castle Parish Church

Thursday 19 May: 19.00 Business event, Troon

Friday 20 May: travel and private meeting

Saturday 21 May: 19.00 St Paul’s, Tongham

Sunday 22 May: 10.00 and 18.30 Warfield Church events

For further details, please call 07766 255221