South Sudan

Background to South Sudan

After bitter civil wars in Sudan between north and south, South Sudan gained independence in 2011. The new country is extremely poor, with just one doctor per 100,000 people. One in seven mothers die of pregnancy-related causes. With less than 100 kilometres of tarmac in the whole country, access to basic healthcare is also exceedingly challenging.

Martha Primary Health Care Clinic 

MAI is delighted to be partnering with Martha Primary Health Care Clinic in Yei, south-western South Sudan. Owned and run by the Episcopal Church of Sout Sudan’s Diocese of Yei, the clinic is well-established and highly respected locally. It provides a range of much-needed services including therapeutic feeding, TB and HIV support, and a vital child immunisation programme.

Once nearly self-sustaining, Martha Clinic has been hit hard by hyperinflation, meaning few people can now afford to pay for healthcare. The roads around Yei are not safe to travel, so medical supplies must be transported under armed convoy. When this becomes too dangerous, they have to be flown in. This reduced income and increased cost means Martha Clinic is urgently in need of MAI’s support to maintain the lifeline it provides to local people.

A special cataract surgery camp was held recently to deliver life-changing operations for 100 patients. Read more here.

Yei is two hundred miles to the west of Kajo Keji, the location of Romogi Primary Health Care Centre.

Romogi Primary Health Care Centre – Diocese of Kejo Keji

Romogi Primary Health Care Centre was completed early 2017 and was  the vision of Anthony Poggo, former Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Kajo Keji. Two weeks before its opening, however, fierce inter-tribal conflict forced local people to flee to neighbouring Uganda for safety. We are monitoring the situation and remain in contact with Kajo Keji Diocese staff currently living under refugee status in Uganda.

Clinic with solar panelsThe Primary Health Care Clinic will serve the town and surrounding villages amounting to at least 25,000 people.  It will  lower maternal and infant mortality in the area as well as advancing health education and disease prevention.

The partnership with MAI has provided a new building, complete with solar power and borehole, medical equipment and furniture. and fund staff over a time-limited period. The building provides not only consultation space but house a laboratory and dispensary. These elements will assist with local sustainability.

 When the community returns from exile the  facility will be staffed through further MAI support which we expect to be for a period of two years until the income generating stream activities begin to bear fruit.  These include charges for pharmacy and laboratory services to other institutions as well as an agreed cost sharing plan with the local community.


Romogi Clinic – thanks and update

The Primary Health Care Centre that MAI funded in Romogi, South Sudan had to close its doors when inter-tribal conflict broke out in Kajo Keji County and most people fled to refugee camps in Uganda. 

Primary Health Care Centre almost ready!

Poppy Spens - a nurse who has served in South Sudan and  MAI Board member - will fly to South Sudan in February to witness the opening of the Romoggi Primary Health Care Centre in

Romogi Primary Health Care Clinic

MAI has funded the building of Romogi Primary Health Care Clinic which will serve the town and surrounding villages amounting to at least 25,000 people.  The facility is nearing completion as the photo below shows. 

New Clinic at ring beam height for Christmas!

Taken on 14 December, this picture shows that the Romogi Primary Health Care Clinic (PHCC) has reached ring beam level. The builders have done brilliantly well to press on, even though the MAI funds were

Ground broken for Romogi Clinic!

The groundbreaking event for the construction of Romogi Primary Health Care Centre was held on 30th September 2015 at 11:00am. Pictured above is the Bishop of Kajo Keji's representative giving thanks and praying for the

Bishop’s thanks for UK support for Clinic!

Bishop Anthony Poggo of the Diocese of Kajo Keji was deeply moved and grateful for the support he received recently during his brief visit to the UK.  He was seeking prayers and donations to get