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‘I’m astonished that God loves me so much.’

Adequate nutrition is critical to the success of HIV antiretroviral therapy. For patients with TB, malnutrition weakens the body’s ability to fight the disease. As lockdown has left many families with no money or food, people

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All drugs to final bill – no payment’

Dr Ashita Singh tells Sonali’s story… Sonali with her mother Sonali had been in Chinchpada’s intensive care unit barely a few hours. Her mother was stood watching helplessly as nurses tried to restrain her agitated

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Urgent Coronavirus Emergency Appeal

Please help our partners care for the poorest as coronavirus spreads Dear friends As an International Development practitioner I've seen some desperate situations over the past 25 years, but nothing compares to the reports our partners are

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Coronavirus: Please pray for our partners

Dear friends Please hold our partners in India, Nepal and South Africa in your thoughts and prayers at this time.  Like us, they are under lockdown to prevent the spread of coronavirus. But if these

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130 people can see again!

Your response to last summer’s South Sudan appeal enabled MAI, in partnership with our friends at Brickworks, to fund a life-changing cataract surgery camp. Your gifts enabled one of the country’s few (possibly only) ophthalmologists

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Coronavirus in India

A common sight in the wards and outpatient department these days at Chinchpada Christian Hospital: nursing staff pray with a patient and his wife. This couple have been separated from their child by lockdown. The

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