Our Partnership Agreement with the Navajeevana Health Centre in Dehiwela, Colombo became operational in April. The focus of our Partnership is to enable the extension of medical services to poor and neglected communities in the north and east of the country. We are seeking to do this through enabling NHC to be more fully self-sufficient.

They provide excellent services to both wealthy and poor persons in Colombo. By charging rich clients the going rate, they can subsidise treatment to those unable to pay. By employing another 1.5 doctors, it is anticipated that this will subsidise the costs of the mobile clinics, ultimately doing away with the need for outside funds over a period of years while ensuring the viability of the services in the rural and poor communities that are at the heart of this project.
In the north, up to October 2012, 17 medical and dental clinics were held in 14 villages through 8 visits. A total of 3480 medical and 604 dental patients were seen. One of the team writes: “Most people we treated were undeducated, neglected, struggling to survive. They were unaware of the signs and symptoms of oral cancer and the influence of thier betel chewiing habit.” It is this kind of work that NHC wants to strengthen and increase.
During the past weeks, NHC have been seeking suitable staff who share their vision. They ask us to pray that they find the right people soon.