Michael lives 5 miles from Goli Hospital which is his nearest health facility. He travels to Goli on bicycle on a regular basis. Michael told us:

“I believe I am probably over 60 years old but I do not really know my age. One of the most difficult things about being old is that your body is not as strong as it is in your youth. So you need to visit a doctor more often but when the hospital is a far distance, how can an old man reach the hospital?”

“I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and as a result I have to regularly come to Goli Hospital. I have been attending Goli for over 5 years and they continue to monitor and check by condition.”

“I used to come every week but now I only need to come every 3 months for a check-up. But I cannot imagine travelling the 14 miles to Yei; the 5 mile journey on bicycle to Goli is difficult but travelling to Yei would be impossible.”

“The people who work here are very good; they are concerned about the patients. They give the treatment and health advice and they take it seriously. I am very grateful that Goli is here to help me in my old age, otherwise I would have no option but to stay at home and suffer in my condition.”