50 new patients were added to the workload of the Community Volunteer Healthworkers (CVHWs) during the first three months of 2013. In all, 161 patients comprised the caseload.

With a principal aim of providing holisitc support to isolated people in rural communities, the clients were predominantly suffering from HIV/Aids and/or cancers. HIV/Aids: 51%; Cancers: 13%; Both: 7%; Other illnesses: 28%

Alalo is a typical client. She is 63 and in the final stages of Aids. She is bedridden and her feet have been completely stiff for some time. She is extremely poor and has never been able to access antiretrovirals. Because of her illness, her two children (20 year old boy and 12 year old girl) had to drop out of school many years ago and are now almost unemployable. The work of the CVHWs is a life line to families such as this where illness intensifies poverty. They are bringing some dignity and hope where there is none. In the next quarter, Alalo may be recorded in the deaths column of the Ngora project report. But she will have known the love and care that the 9 clients who sadly died in the last three months experienced through this MAI funded work.