In the coming months, MAI will sign two new Partnership Agreements with India and Nepal.  This will extend our geographic spread, returning to Asia, and build our portfolio as other projects come to a close.

We will partner with the Emmanuel Hospital Association (EHA) in India.  The three year project will provide 175 patients and their families with good quality palliative care through a home based care service supported by Chinchipada Christian Hospital in Maharashta State.  60 volunteers will be enrolled and trained in the home care service.

Maharashta in India

Also, we will partner with the United Mission to Nepal (UMN) and their local partners.  The three year project will seek to increase the local level response in HIV and AIDS prevention, treatment and care.  This will focus on two districts: Sunsari and Rupandehi Districts where an estimated 4,300 people live with HIV.

Nepal distirct map

It is hoped that fund raising in the autumn will enable MAI to begin providing grant funding to these projects from the New Year.