Taken on 14 December, this picture shows that the Romogi Primary Health Care Clinic (PHCC) has reached ring beam level. The builders have done brilliantly well to press on, even though the MAI funds were delayed due to well intended but heavy handed bureaucracy in the international banking system. Without pay, the team soldiered on.
Just last month, the site was visited by a MAI Board member, Poppy Spens who has many years of experience working in South Sudan. She was delighted with the quality of materials and labour. The picture below shows the team hard at work but at a much lower build height than the top photo.

Romogi clinic progress 6
The building is scheduled for completion by early August 2016 but at the present rate, perhaps the hand over might be sooner! This may necessitate an urgent push to complete the fund raising for the building which will cost in the region of £125,000.
During Poppy’s visit, she met with several people who are receiving nursing training in preparation for joining the team to run the Clinic. She was delighted with their quality. Another charity of which she is a Trustee are funding this training. Although the local Health Authority will fund some staff posts, the majority will be employed by the Diocese of Kajo Keji. They have developed plans to generate sufficient income to mean that MAI’s involvement with such costs will be limited to a relatively short period.