The autumn 2015 school registration was delayed by the Education Ministry due to the pressure of the Syrian refugee crisis.  This means that the SKILD project is a little behind the planned schedule.  Nevertheless good progress is being made.

The latest report reflects on the fact that many teachers in the two schools were initially reticent about the presence of the three specialists working on the project (speech and language therapist, special educator and psychologist).  These concerns are gradually being overcome through the team members’ positive communication with the teachers and the evident enthusiasm of the children being supported.  In fact, 98 pupils have been referred to the team and 20 in depth assessments have been completed.

SKILD report:

  • 22 group sessions focused on social, emotional and self management skills with 177 pupils
  • 14 in class interventions supporting 7 pupils
  • 39 one to one sessions with 14 pupils
  • A 16 hour training workshop completed with 40 teachers as well as 12 sessions modelling approaches to supporting children with learning differences
  • 3 group sessions with parents with an average attendance of 64
  • the development of several teaching tools to address issues of referred pupils

A significant donor to this pilot project having read the report commented: “Wow, well done. It’s a long time since I’ve seen such honest and comprehensive reporting.”