A Hindu girl, aged 25, arrived at Navajeevana one morning with severe pains in her back and legs. As the doctor explored the causes, the girl spoke of past problems. Lacking love at home and having made some bad relationships, she had attempted suicide by jumping from a three storey building; she survived but with serious injuries, the cause of her presenting pains. In order to pay for the initial treatments in Jaffna, her parents had to sell much of their possessions which they resented, eventually sending her to Colombo to live with a relative. Although they fund her needs, they want nothing to do with her. For her part, she had no interest in work or being with people, finding this very difficult.

The Doctor encouraged her to see Navajeevana’s counsellor for support and prayer. The girl told the counsellor that she was not interested to talk about her story but was open to receive prayer. The counsellor said that this was fine, read a Bible passage and prayed. She concluded that the girl would not return. But the following week, the girl was sat outside her door, awaiting another session. She has been seeing the counsellor regularly now with great results! Wonderfully, she is looking for part time work and joining others in crowded situations, such as church, living a much more balanced life.