Mary is 52 and a widow with four small children. Her fisherman husband was caught in the 2004 tsunami. She had been working as a cleaning woman but, due to a persistent wound on the sole of her foot, she was laid off. In addition, she is diabetic and had a toe amputated some time ago.
In January, she was wandering near Navajeevana on the outskirts of Colombo when she was advised to visit the Health Centre. The nurse treated the wound and prayed with her; Mary broke down and shared her story. Her “house” – a shanty dwelling on the beach – had been ruined by torrential rain and she was sleeping rough in the railway station. Her children are 120 kilometres away in Kandy with her sister while she looks for work in the capital each day.
Navajeevana not only treated the wound – which is healing nicely – but have donated enough from their Poor Fund that she can build a small home for her children to join her.