Alola (pictured above on the left) is typical of many clients cared for by the FADO-T team and funded by MAI.

Alola is 40. She lives in a tiny village and is HIV positive. She has a daughter but her understanding of HIV and how to care for her mother was negligible. Her mother deteriorated, suffering with an advanced HIV related disease.  She became unable to walk and had no ready access to healthcare.

By the time the Palliative Care team found her, she was in a state of neglect, primarily due to ignorance.  In many other similar cases, the patient may be in such a condition because of being abandoned by family or neighbours, given the stigma attached to HIV.  Alola was suffering with pressure ulcers and poor nutrition.  Now, thanks to the team, she has been nursed back to a state where she is much more comfortable.  The project has also provided her with suitable bedding and shown her daughter appropriate home care.

Needless to say, Alola and her daughter are extremely grateful for the support they have received. Alola says she cannot believe how well she is doing, now she has this support.