Hellen is the wife of the Goli Head Man, living directly across the road from Goli Hospital. She was admitted to the ward suffering with acute diarrhoea and abdominal pains. She had been unwell at home for some time and was unable to breastfeed her young daughter, feeling tired and weak.

Laboratory tests found that she was suffering from a number of parasites and worms – associated with contaminated water. Surgeon nurse Isabu determined her treatment and she has made a full recovery.

She told us: “It is so difficult when your child comes looking to be fed and you do not have the energy because you are sick. She can’t understand. But, thanks to this hospital, I am staring to feel better and feeding Nuella again. If the hospital had not been here, I would have needed to move my children to Yei while I was treated because there is no one at home to care for them.”

While in hospital, the staff found that Hellen was four weeks pregnant! “I’m glad I came in,” she said, “because at home I could have gotten worse and my baby could have died.”