Martha Primary Health Care Clinic in Yei, South Sudan not only provides urgently-needed healthcare such as child malnutrition treatment and support for people living with TB and HIV.

It also runs the only eye clinic for hundreds of miles, recently reopened thanks to a generous gift from the charity Brickworks. Within just two weeks of reopening, 25 patients needing cataract surgery had been identified.

Losing your sight is challenging for anyone, but for people living in poverty and under the relentless threat of violence, it can be devastating.

Cataract removal surgery gives patients back the gift of sight.

In many cases, this enables them to live independently again, and to support themselves and their families.

In partnership with MAI, a special cataract surgery camp designed to treat 100 patients is planned.

Surgeons and specialist equipment will be flown in from the capital, Juba, because it’s not safe to travel by road.

Each operation will cost £54. A group of donors have already committed to fund half of this,reducing the cost of surgery to just £27 per person.

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