Help provide life-saving nutrition for babies and toddlers in Chad

Right now, almost 1.8 million children under 5 years old are suffering from acute malnutrition in Chad, including 500,000 who are severely malnourished.

Give now to help a malnourished child

We are working to reverse this trend by partnering with the Guinebor II Hospital, just outside the capital N’Djamena. Our aim is to save the lives of young children like Zezerti by tackling chronic malnutrition in their first 1,000 days (from conception to 18 months).

Zezerti and his mother came to the Guinebor II Hospital looking for help. The little boy had been suffering from diarrhea and was vomiting at home for a week.

His father wanted to take him to a local pharmacy. But his mother insisted that they brought the little boy to the Guinebor II Hospital. And they did.

The hospital nutritionist diagnosed Zezerti with severe acute malnutrition with complications due to anaemia, diarrhea and vomiting. And they put him on a special diet for malnourished children. He gradually improved until he was well enough to go home.

Your gift of £25 today can help provide life-saving food for another child like Zezerti.

Give now to help a malnourished child

Just £25 can ensure that a child with acute malnutrition receives a four-week supply of life-saving food made up of peanut paste, vitamins and other vital ingredients.

The team at the hospital make up nutrition pots for mothers. They also show them how to make healthy food for their children.

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