This man is 43 yRaj Shresthaears old and he lives with his son in Itahari, Sunsari. His wife left him some time ago due to his substance abuse problem and daily arguments.

At the age of 16, he faced family problems as his father brought a second wife into their home. His parents used to have arguments and fought on a daily basis. This troubled him which created mental health problems. As a result he started taking drugs, drinking alcohol, and smoking cigarettes for peace of mind. He was being criticised and faced discrimination due to his problem. After using drugs for a long time, he joined a rehabilitation center in 2013. He got back home after four months but the regular family disputes compelled him to use drugs again. He fell sick for many days.

He went to a doctor and tested HIV positive. Also, he had tuberculosis. This heart breaking news meant that his health worsened. He was stigmatized by his own friends and society. He was hospitalised due to his severe health condition. It was then that our Nepalese Partner came in contact with him. He received their support for treatment through a home based service which provided counselling and care.

Now, he has joined a self-help group for people living with HIV where he can meet other friends and share his stories. He is receiving antiretroviral treatment and is in good health. He has stopped using drugs. With his growing health status, he wanted to work, so he requested our Partner’s support to enable him to buy an electric rickshaw. Thier donation of NPR 30,000 (GBP 193.13) enabled him to buy one. Now, he is making NPR 800-1200 (GBP 5.15-7.73) a day. His friends have now started talking to him so he no longer experiences discrimination. This has encouraged him to work hard in life.