The foundations of a new extension serving TB patients have been laid.  Work will commence shortly on the walls and an order has been placed for the roof.  MAI has been raising funds for this project and are nearing the target needed.

New regulations mean that Embo Clinic is required to add separate entrance and consultation rooms for TB patients.  An average 0f 87 such clients have been attending the Clinic recently.

TB is the leading cause of death in health facilities in KwaZulu Natal, accounting for 22.3% of deaths in 2013.  HIV prevalence in KwaZula Natal among adults aged 15–49 years is 17.9 %, the highest rate in South Africa.

People with undiagnosed, untreated and potentially contagious TB are frequently seen in at the Embo Health Clinic. HIV positive patients are particularly vulnerable to TB.  The numbers of undiagnosed TB suspects, TB patients and immune-compromised patients all present in the same environment create the potential for high levels of TB transmission.

There is also a significant risk of infection for the Health Post personnel.  Health care personnel are at risk due both to frequent exposure to patients with infectious TB and because they may also be immune-compromised due to HIV.

For the above reasons the Clinic has a responsibility to minimise the risk to both the general population and health care personnel of TB transmission at the facility through established Infection control measures.

It is hoped that the work will be complete by July.

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