June 14 1

We are very excited!  As the latest image shows, the walls of the TB Clinic extension are up and the roof is on!  Thanks to good weather, things have progressed well and are on track and to budget.

This extension will decrease the risk of cross contamination both for patients and staff.  The cost to MAI is in excess of £60,000.  Additional funds are required to provide the non-building add-ons such as water retaining tanks and a security system.

Caregiving in the community continues to do well.  In April the health status of 90% of the HIV clients was reported as good and no client was noted as in very poor health.  Clients involved in a mutual support group organised by the church had increased to 71%.  The only disappointment is that support to MAI for this excellent work has fallen.

In July a volunteer team of 9 will join John and Steve to serve in Embo.  Those with nursing experience will work with the Clinic and Caregiving staff.  Others will assist in the church run crèche and orphanage.  In all probability, we may also be able to assist with painting the TB Clinic extension if the plaster has dried out sufficiently!