HIV/AIDS patients mutual support groups hosted and fostered by our Embo Partner are sometimes challenging to sustain and discouraging when people fail to commit to attending and sharing honestly.  But though slow and difficult, the can be a vital part in enabling a patient to flourish.  As Dumisani’s story shows (pictured below with his Caregiver).


Both he and his partner are HIV positive.  Aged 36, our Partner’s home caregiving programme enabled him to discover his status.  He became quite sick, contracting TB like so many HIV patients.  He was put onto antiretrovirals and this has improved his condition.  But his personal hygiene was not good and he needed a lot of support.

His Caregiver encouraged him to join one of the support groups run by the church.  He began asking questions and over a period of time, he has grown to be much better with personal hygiene and compliance with his medication regime.  He understands much more about his condition now and has persuaded three of his friends to be tested – something that men are often reluctant to do.

Much of the work done by the church in Embo is slow and unrewarding.  But Dumisani is an example of the transforming impact of this work.