Ntombezinhle is a 33 year old single mother living in Embo. She is suffering with Aids and TB. Her children are 15, 13 and 6. She is the breadwinner but had recently become very weak and disoriented.

Lillian, her church Caregiver supported by MAI, realised that she had defaulted on her antiretroviral (ARV) treatment. When Lilian asked why this was the case, Ntombezinhle told her that her boss refused to give her time off to collect her medication from the clinic. She was too frightened that – if she told her boss the truth about her condition – she would lose her job which in turn would spell the end to her children’s education!

Lilian is nursing and praying her client back to health. She does the household chores for the family with the mother so ill. She has told Ntombezinhle that once she gets back to work, Lilian will collect her medication for her so that she won’t need to take time off. These Caregivers are saints who are so deserving of the little support we can afford them!