Dear friends

Please hold our partners in India, Nepal and South Africa in your thoughts and prayers at this time. 

Like us, they are under lockdown to prevent the spread of coronavirus. But if these measures fail to contain it, the situation will be far worse for them than it is in the UK. Even at the best of times, these countries do not have enough doctors, hospital beds or equipment. 

The fear and uncertainty many of us feel now is only too familiar to those who live on the edge every day. Many are daily labourers, migrant workers or subsistence farmers. Even in ‘normal times’ they do not have enough to eat, live in cramped conditions and cannot afford medicine. 

Well accustomed to feeling fearful, even hopeless, many will now be feeling deep anguish. Those, and there are many, with reduced immunity through HIV, TB, chronic disease or malnutrition are especially vulnerable. Coronavirus might not reach them but the fear of it already has, and the lockdown is taking away their livelihoods. 

In these exceptional and difficult times, I invite you to hold the most vulnerable and marginalised in your prayers. Join us in praying that the poorest will know God’s favour and protection: ‘O God, be merciful, in the shadow of your wings protect the poorest until the disaster is over’ (from Psalm 57).

Our partners’ healthcare teams are working more intensively and sacrificially than ever to provide healthcare for the most vulnerable. Please pray for them, and if you can, please help us to continue to fund their incredible work. 

Stay safe. 

Best Wishes


Executive Director