Alex van Greuning, who is overseeing the work preparing the clinic site, sends regular photos of progress on securing the site, ready for the proposed building work in 2014. Despite a major setback when for two weeks Embo had no water other than through expensive mobile water tankers, almost all the work is complete.

The site is fenced with electronic security to follow next year. Metered supplies of water and electricity are in place. The highly creative bottom retaining wall – composed of used tyres filled with soil and a polymer, solidifying compound – is finished. Currently, it is not particularly attractive but over time it will be grown over with grasses and flowers. Work is underway on the much larger retaining wall – over 5 metres high – which is being constructed using concrete blocks.
Meanwhile, the formal application to the KwaZulu Health Authority for assistance with the staff and running costs of the “Advanced Health Post” has been submitted on time. After consideration at district level, it will be submitted to the Provincial level for decision by February/March next year. Following this, it is anticipated that building work can commence.