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Ngora is a district of the Eastern Region of Uganda. 230 kilometres north east of the capital, Kampala, it has a population of 101,900 (2002 census). Palliative care is non-existent in this rural area where patients are scattered and isolated.
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During 2013, we are enabling the Navajeevana Health Centre (NHC), based in Colombo, to expand its services to rural communities in the north and east of the island. 87% of the islands poorest people live in such locations.

NHC operates on a “Robin Hood” model; as a private healthcare provider, the team charge realistic fees to richer clients in order to subsidise less fortunate patients. They plan with MAI’s help to employ more doctors, thus increasing their surpluses out of which they can fund regular mobile healthcare to both north and east. Resettlement of those affected by the war is the northern focus while isolated tsunami-affected villages with no primary healthcare will receive help in the east.
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Sri Lanka Partnership concluded

At the conclusion of our three year partnership agreement with Navajeevana Health Centre, MAI Trustees have decided not to renew for another term. Our partnership had been created to enable the Centre to produce increased income so as to conduct more outreach clinics in the poorest areas of Sri Lanka and to move towards self-sustainability.   Sadly, few outreach clinics have been possible in those years and there are no clear plans for future clinics in NHC’s latest Business Plan. Moreover, while our support was to enable NHC to appoint more doctors and so increase income, it has never been possible to appoint the full staff compliment during the last three years.   As a result, the Partnership Agreement will

February 24th, 2016|Featured, Navajeevana, Projects|

Health Camp serves 237 in 5 hours!

A highly successful mobile medical clinic and dental screening programme was held in Sri Vallipuram last month.  This is a tiny village with no healthcare provision about 60 km south of Kalmunai, an area still recovering from the tsunami some years ago.  The village is a largely gypsy community where most people live below the poverty line. With MAI support, our Sri Lankan Partner - Navajeevana Health Centre were able to fund a team of three doctors, a nurse, pharmacist and eye technician. All 237 patients who attended were seen by the doctors working from 9.00 until 14.00 non-stop!  Dental awareness and screening was done by NHC's own staff and the plan is to run a dental clinic there in

May 12th, 2015|Featured, Navajeevana, Projects|

Hope in Sri Lanka

A Hindu girl, aged 25, arrived at Navajeevana one morning with severe pains in her back and legs. As the doctor explored the causes, the girl spoke of past problems. Lacking love at home and having made some bad relationships, she had attempted suicide by jumping from a three storey building; she survived but with serious injuries, the cause of her presenting pains. In order to pay for the initial treatments in Jaffna, her parents had to sell much of their possessions which they resented, eventually sending her to Colombo to live with a relative. Although they fund her needs, they want nothing to do with her. For her part, she had no interest in work or being with people,

March 3rd, 2015|Navajeevana, Projects|

Doctor needed for Sri Lanka

Our Partner in Sri Lanka - Navajeevana Health Centre - is appealing to the UK for a family practitioner to join their team for three years. Based in the Centre at Dehiwela in Greater Colombo, the doctor would join a team with various specialisms and enable the range of services to be increased, in turn making further funds available to expand the ministry into the north of the island. To explore this need further, please contact MAI on 07766 255221 or email [email protected]

July 7th, 2014|Navajeevana, Projects|

Mahiloormunai Mobile Clinic

Mahiloormunai - a  fishing village of 1,500 people in the East of Sri Lanka - was the location for a mobile clinic run by MAI Partner, Navajeevana.  In temperatures of 38 degrees and high humidity levels, a dentist and two doctors sweated away for hours.  Supported by other care staff and a pharmacist, the dentist undertook 33 treatments and the doctors held consultations with 99 patients.  Where necessary, the patients received free drugs for their conditions which ranged from convulsions, peptic ulcers to the prevalent respirator tract infection. Mahiloormunai was devastated by the tsunami ten years before and many families are still struggling to recover.  Although the principal occupation is fishing, traders from outside offer low prices and a community

June 18th, 2014|Navajeevana, Projects|

Col Emil Jeevaratnam

Extending the quality of medical care beyond Colombo is essential

March 5th, 2014|Navajeevana|