Kajo Keji

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After years of war, South Sudan has just 1 doctor per 100,000 people! 1 in 7 mothers die of pregnancy related causes. And with less than 100 kilometres of tarmac in the whole country, access to basic healthcare is exceedingly challenging!
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Our new South Sudan partnership with the Diocese of Kajo Keji aims to re-build a Primary Health Care Clinic (PHCC) in Romogi that was destroyed in the previous civil war. It will work to reduce maternal and infant mortality in the communities around by 50% over the next ten years.

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Romogi Clinic – thanks and update

The Primary Health Care Centre that MAI funded in Romogi, South Sudan had to close its doors when inter-tribal conflict broke out in Kajo Keji County and most people fled to refugee camps in Uganda.  When MAI Board member, Poppy Spens, visited the refugee camps recently, Rev Alex Aciga sent us this video message.  He is the Operations and Resource Director for the Diocese of Kajo Keji. You can view the video message by clicking here. Save

May 31st, 2017|Featured, Kajo Keji, Projects|

Primary Health Care Centre almost ready!

Poppy Spens - a nurse who has served in South Sudan and  MAI Board member - will fly to South Sudan in February to witness the opening of the Romoggi Primary Health Care Centre in Kajo Keji.  This vital community facility was envisioned by the Diocese of Kajo Keji, designed to serve over 20,000 people from the town and surrounding villages.  MAI has raised sufficient funds for the building, its equipment and furniture and for the initial staffing costs.  The photo to the left shows the solar panels beginning to be installed some months ago which will ensure a continuous power supply, vital to such a facility. The builders have done a good job and a UK engineer has completed

January 23rd, 2017|Featured, Kajo Keji, Projects|

New Clinic at ring beam height for Christmas!

Taken on 14 December, this picture shows that the Romogi Primary Health Care Clinic (PHCC) has reached ring beam level. The builders have done brilliantly well to press on, even though the MAI funds were delayed due to well intended but heavy handed bureaucracy in the international banking system. Without pay, the team soldiered on. Just last month, the site was visited by a MAI Board member, Poppy Spens who has many years of experience working in South Sudan. She was delighted with the quality of materials and labour. The picture below shows the team hard at work but at a much lower build height than the top photo. The building is scheduled for completion by early August 2016 but

December 15th, 2015|Featured, Kajo Keji, Projects|

Ground broken for Romogi Clinic!

The groundbreaking event for the construction of Romogi Primary Health Care Centre was held on 30th September 2015 at 11:00am. Pictured above is the Bishop of Kajo Keji's representative giving thanks and praying for the work and the workers. The Kajo Keji County Commissioner, Hon. Henry Kala Sabuni was the Guest of Honour.  Other distinguished officials from the County included the traditional Court President, Hon. Fadil Kenyi Tete; Lire Payam officials; Romogi Boma Representative to the County Legislative Council, Mr. Scopas Wani; Romogi Boma Chief, Mrs. Celina Kobo; Representatives of Romogi Boma Landlords (Lipitino, Muru and Madi), Elders, Youth and some community members.  Also present were Diocesan officials.  Retired Rev. Canon Yoasa Wurube who is the Chairman of the Diocesan

October 12th, 2015|Featured, Kajo Keji, Projects|

Bishop’s thanks for UK support for Clinic!

Bishop Anthony Poggo of the Diocese of Kajo Keji was deeply moved and grateful for the support he received recently during his brief visit to the UK.  He was seeking prayers and donations to get a Primary Health Care Centre built in his Diocese.  It will replace the one destroyed during the last civil war. 1 in 7 women die of pregnancy related problems in South Sudan - the world's newest nation. Providing the building and the continuous electricity and clean water required - neither of which are currently available - will cost in the region of £125,000.  Bishop Pogggo was inviting our help to reach the target and get the Clinic operational.  Donations from his visit are still arriving

June 21st, 2015|Featured, Kajo Keji|

Well done! 100 mile Bike Ride for Clinic completed!

Andy, Ken, Martin and Steve and last minute friends completed their 100 mile bike ride on Saturday 20th June to raise funds for a new Clinic in Romogi, South Sudan.  You can still sponsor them at https://my.give.net/Ride4Romogi The route was mostly within Oxfordshire and approximated the outline map of Africa!  They left Abingdon just after 8 o'clock and arrived back - through torrential rain - in time for tea! The goal is to raise £5,000 towards the cost of rebuilding a Primary Health Care Clinic (PHCC) in the Diocese of Kajo-Keji.  The previous Clinic was destroyed during the civil war some years back and needs to be replaced.  The need in South Sudan - the world's newest nation - is

June 21st, 2015|Kajo Keji, Projects|