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Embo is a township of 62,000 people in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. HIV incidence is shockingly high among 15 to 50 year olds. Yet there is no clinic and no doctor. The Health Authority is overwhelmed.
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We partner with a local church to provide a team giving care to patients with HIV or full blown Aids in their own homes. Each of the Caregivers supports between 10 to 15 clients and their families. They give unconditional love and practical support; transporting to the distant clinic, washing, and advising on sexual health, diet and hygiene. In 2012, they made 11,708 visits, caring for patients.

In addition to underwriting the team, supervised by an experienced nurse, MAI is raising funds to build a clinic within the community. At present, to get tested and to access antiretroviral drugs, patients who are ill, weak and unemployed have to make their way to the nearest clinic in Bothas Hill, some 15 kilometres away! We can transform their lives for less than £100,000!
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Leonard tour success

The visit of our South African Partner, Pastor Leonard Gcabashe, was a great occasion. Accompanying Leonard on the tour for the first was our new Executive Director, Steve Travis.  The tour of England and Northern Ireland involved a range of events from a Charity Concert, a Barn Dance, a Fish & Chip supper, to private gatherings and public meetings in churches. The aim of his visit was to thank the many MAI Supporters with a commitment to Embo and to introduce new friends to the ongoing needs of the wonderful Caregiving ministry that MAI supports.

May 8th, 2018|Embo, Featured, Projects|

Two Volunteers report on their visit to Embo

Caroline writes: This man is a 41 year old male patient that the caregiving team currently supports.  He shared some of his story with us and he has a very positive outlook on life that has been enhanced through the care programme. He lives like any other patient in very minimal surroundings in a breeze block hut with a tin roof with just two very small rooms in very poor light.  The walls are dirty and depressing.  Access to his property was difficult as it was good a walk from the car and down a steep rock face which would be quite dangerous in adverse conditions. Maya has been caring for him for a number of months whilst he recovers

September 25th, 2017|Embo, Featured, Projects|

Embo Extension nears completion

We are very excited!  As the latest image shows, the walls of the TB Clinic extension are up and the roof is on!  Thanks to good weather, things have progressed well and are on track and to budget. This extension will decrease the risk of cross contamination both for patients and staff.  The cost to MAI is in excess of £60,000.  Additional funds are required to provide the non-building add-ons such as water retaining tanks and a security system. Caregiving in the community continues to do well.  In April the health status of 90% of the HIV clients was reported as good and no client was noted as in very poor health.  Clients involved in a mutual support group organised

June 26th, 2017|Embo, Featured, Projects|

Extension underway at Embo Clinic

The foundations of a new extension serving TB patients have been laid.  Work will commence shortly on the walls and an order has been placed for the roof.  MAI has been raising funds for this project and are nearing the target needed. New regulations mean that Embo Clinic is required to add separate entrance and consultation rooms for TB patients.  An average 0f 87 such clients have been attending the Clinic recently. TB is the leading cause of death in health facilities in KwaZulu Natal, accounting for 22.3% of deaths in 2013.  HIV prevalence in KwaZula Natal among adults aged 15–49 years is 17.9 %, the highest rate in South Africa. People with undiagnosed, untreated and potentially contagious TB are

May 16th, 2017|Embo, Featured, Projects|

Embo Partner visits UK in March!

Pastor Leonard Gcabashe who leads the Embo Community Church - our healthcare Partner in KwaZulu Natal - will be in the UK soon - from March 17 to April 2. These are Leonard's confirmed public engagements to date and to which you are warmly invited: March 17: Concert, Bangor N Ireland; 19.00 March 19: Primacy Church; 10.00 March 23: St Mary the Virgin, Oxford; noon March 25: Men's Breakfast, Christ Church, Abingdon; 9.00 - ticketed event (07766 255221) March 25: Big Band Bonanza with the Velvet Tones; Kennington Village Centre; 19.30 - ticketed event ([email protected]) March 28: Andover Baptist Ladies; 14.00 April 1: Women's Breakfast, St Laurence, Appleton; 08.30 April 2: St Laurence, Appleton; 10.00 The church healthcare work is

January 26th, 2017|Embo, Featured, Projects|

Pastor Leonard to visit UK in April

Our dear friend and Partner, Leonard Gcabashe, will be back in the UK in April.  He will report on progress in healthcare provision in the valley of Embo and share the latest developments and opportunities. His confirmed appointments are listed below.  If you would like further details, please call John Earwicker on 07766 255221. 9     08.30                           Men’s Breakfast; All Saints, Marcham 9     20.00                          Dinner event; St Mary's, Purley on Thames 10   09.30, 11.15, 16.00    Services; St Mary’s, Purley on Thames 11   14.00                           Young at Heart; Peachcroft Christian Centre 12   14.00                           Ladies event; Andover Baptist 12   19.30                           Event; Offmore Evangelical, Kidderminster 15   12.30                           Ladies that Lunch; Christ Church, Abingdon 15   19.30                  

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