Sri Lanka Partnership concluded

At the conclusion of our three year partnership agreement with Navajeevana Health Centre, MAI Trustees have decided not to renew for another term. Our partnership had been created to enable the Centre to produce increased income so as to conduct more outreach clinics in the poorest areas of Sri Lanka and to move towards self-sustainability.   Sadly, few outreach clinics have been possible in those years and there are no clear plans for future clinics in NHC’s latest Business Plan. Moreover, while our support was to enable NHC to appoint more doctors and so increase income, it has never been possible to appoint the full staff compliment during the last three years.   As a result, the Partnership Agreement will

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Lebanon project in full swing

This project - working with children with mental and learning challenges and their teachers in two state schools - is underway in Beirut.  Despite the challenging impact of the Syrian conflict, the Government has agreed to the plans of our partner - SKILD - and has already indicated that they would like to see the work extended to other schools!  MAI is enabling SKILD to place three specialist educators in the two schools and funding additional supportive resources. Before Christmas, training was undertaken with the existing teachers in those schools to heighten their awareness of approaches to enabling such students to flourish and become integrated into their appropriate peer group learning environments. A range of assessment and teacher training materials

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MAI appoints Assistant Director

Steve Travis (pictured below) has been appointed Assistant Director of MAI. Steve has 20 years experience in international development having worked with CORD, World Vision and Viva among others.  Until recently, Steve was working in Asia, overseeing work in India, Nepal and Myanmar.  Soon to be based in Banbury, Steve will work half time.  He started work on January 5th. "I am delighted to have someone of Steve's experience and skill set join us in MAI," said John Earwicker, MAI Executive Director.  "Steve will help us drive up our professionalism and capacity.  He has vast experience in working with international partners and achieving enhanced reporting and effectiveness."

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Dumisani’s story

HIV/AIDS patients mutual support groups hosted and fostered by our Embo Partner are sometimes challenging to sustain and discouraging when people fail to commit to attending and sharing honestly.  But though slow and difficult, the can be a vital part in enabling a patient to flourish.  As Dumisani's story shows (pictured below with his Caregiver). Both he and his partner are HIV positive.  Aged 36, our Partner's home caregiving programme enabled him to discover his status.  He became quite sick, contracting TB like so many HIV patients.  He was put onto antiretrovirals and this has improved his condition.  But his personal hygiene was not good and he needed a lot of support. His Caregiver encouraged him to join one of

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New Clinic at ring beam height for Christmas!

Taken on 14 December, this picture shows that the Romogi Primary Health Care Clinic (PHCC) has reached ring beam level. The builders have done brilliantly well to press on, even though the MAI funds were delayed due to well intended but heavy handed bureaucracy in the international banking system. Without pay, the team soldiered on. Just last month, the site was visited by a MAI Board member, Poppy Spens who has many years of experience working in South Sudan. She was delighted with the quality of materials and labour. The picture below shows the team hard at work but at a much lower build height than the top photo. The building is scheduled for completion by early August 2016 but

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Caregiving does work in Embo

Tholakele (pictured above) is an encouraging example of how our Partner's Caregiving programme in Embo really does transform lives and make the place a better place. Caregiver Lillian has worked with Tholakele for some years.  She began when this single woman had come out of hospital with no one to care for her.  She had been diagnosed with HIV when pregnant by her boyfriend.  She went into premature labour and the baby was stillborn.  Because of her newly diagnosed condition, she was kept in hospital. Further tragedy occurred when her boyfriend was killed in a car accident.  She became very depressed.  That was when Lillian heard about her and, once Tholakele came home, began caring for her.  While much of

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