Tholakele (pictured above) is an encouraging example of how our Partner’s Caregiving programme in Embo really does transform lives and make the place a better place.

Caregiver Lillian has worked with Tholakele for some years.  She began when this single woman had come out of hospital with no one to care for her.  She had been diagnosed with HIV when pregnant by her boyfriend.  She went into premature labour and the baby was stillborn.  Because of her newly diagnosed condition, she was kept in hospital.

Further tragedy occurred when her boyfriend was killed in a car accident.  She became very depressed.  That was when Lillian heard about her and, once Tholakele came home, began caring for her.  While much of that care was about helping with medication and diet, like all the church Caregivers, Lillian prayed with her, encouraged her to meet others for prayer and brought her to church.

Tholakele is much better on her medication and thrilled with the work of the Caregivers.  So much so that now she volunteers to work alongside the MAI supported Caregivers and loves helping others who are sick.  She is also keeping well enough to hold down a job at the supermarket, so she is now supporting herself while giving back to her community.