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‘I’m astonished that God loves me so much.’

Adequate nutrition is critical to the success of HIV antiretroviral therapy. For patients with TB, malnutrition weakens the body’s ability to fight the disease. As lockdown has left many families with no money or food, people with HIV and TB are in urgent need of emergency food support.  One of these is Thandiwe, a single mother who cares for six children. Four are her own and two are the children of her sister, who died of AIDS two years ago. Before lockdown she did casual domestic work, but now she has no income or way to afford enough food. The family’s caregiver,Hebini, was able to spare her a half kilo of samp which she supplemented by foraging for wild plants.   So when Pastor

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All drugs to final bill – no payment’

Dr Ashita Singh tells Sonali’s story… Sonali with her mother Sonali had been in Chinchpada’s intensive care unit barely a few hours. Her mother was stood watching helplessly as nurses tried to restrain her agitated daughter, who had been admitted with suspected meningitis.  As I approached her bed, Sonali clutched her head and rolled into a foetal position, burning hot with fever. Her mother started wailing loudly, ‘Where shall I get money for her medicine? There’s no one to help me. There is no hope for us!’ Then, through broken sobs, she told me her story. A widow and poor day labourer, her income disappeared when lockdown began. As Sonali’s fever and headaches worsened she spent her last few rupees

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Urgent Coronavirus Emergency Appeal

Please help our partners care for the poorest as coronavirus spreads Dear friends As an International Development practitioner I've seen some desperate situations over the past 25 years, but nothing compares to the reports our partners are telling us about the impact of the coronavirus. Because these needs are so urgent and unprecedented, our trustees have taken the decision to launch an emergency appeal. We really hope you can help. Compassionate healthcare is more essential than ever now that coronavirus is spreading to some of the poorest places in the world.  The fear and uncertainty many of us are feeling is only too familiar to those who live on the edge every day. Even in ‘normal’ times, the chronically poor don’t have enough to

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Coronavirus: Please pray for our partners

Dear friends Please hold our partners in India, Nepal and South Africa in your thoughts and prayers at this time.  Like us, they are under lockdown to prevent the spread of coronavirus. But if these measures fail to contain it, the situation will be far worse for them than it is in the UK. Even at the best of times, these countries do not have enough doctors, hospital beds or equipment.  The fear and uncertainty many of us feel now is only too familiar to those who live on the edge every day. Many are daily labourers, migrant workers or subsistence farmers. Even in 'normal times' they do not have enough to eat, live in cramped conditions and cannot afford

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130 people can see again!

Your response to last summer’s South Sudan appeal enabled MAI, in partnership with our friends at Brickworks, to fund a life-changing cataract surgery camp. Your gifts enabled one of the country’s few (possibly only) ophthalmologists to perform 130 operations and to assess a further 500 people at Martha Clinic, Yei. One lady, Teresa, told the healthcare team, 'In the past, I could not even see the soil and moving objects like people and animals. Today, I am very happy to say I can now see everything. I spent many years without seeing and thank the eye doctors for operating on my eyes.'

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Coronavirus in India

A common sight in the wards and outpatient department these days at Chinchpada Christian Hospital: nursing staff pray with a patient and his wife. This couple have been separated from their child by lockdown. The father had been unable to sleep for days, and was experiencing extreme anxiety and fear. He wept as they prayed together, and left feeling much better.

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